Experimental Methods in Cognitive Science

Prof. John K. Kruschke

Q560 for Spring of 2004 will have a different emphasis than the version taught in Spring of 2002. Whereas the Spring 2002 version was a survey of empirical methods across the cognitive and social sciences, the version of Spring 2004 will emphasize experimental methods. The textbook does, nevertheless, describe a number of non-experimental or quasi-experimental methods. The goal of having this course in the Cog Sci curriculum is for all Cog Sci majors to have a basic training in experimental methods. ¶ For more details, see the table of contents of Borden and Abbott (2002). In that linked page, notice that the left-hand column of chapters actually consists of links to expanded chapter descriptions.

Required Textbook: Bordens, K. S. and Abbott, B. B. (2002). Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, 5th Edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill.

Registration Info: Course number Q560, section 1032.

Time and Place: Spring 2004, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15am-12:30pm, Psychology Bldg. Room 115.

Exemptions: Any student who can show evidence of having previously taken a comparable course is waived from taking this course to fulfill their Cognitive Science requirements. Most Psychology majors fall into this category.



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