Q750: Recent Advances in
Connectionist Models

(listed as "Neural Networks as Models of Cognition")

Spring 1996, Section 1972, Tu & Th 2:30-3:45, PY 230



Instructor: Prof. John K. Kruschke
Office: PY 336, 855-3192, Thursday 4:00-5:00 and by appt.
E-mail: kruschke@indiana.edu

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March 21, 1996
Dates for individual project presentations:
Tuesday April 16: Byron Long; Mark Steyvers
Thursday April 18: Charles Twardy; Daniel Lipofsky
Tuesday April 23: Eliana Colunga; Pantelis Papadopoulous
Thursday April 25: Dave Huber
Written papers are due Thursday April 25, except for the person presenting on that day (Dave Huber), for whom the paper is due by 5pm Friday April 26.

February 13, 1996
Re-modified list of discussion leaders for the various topics: (If I misspelled any of your names, please let me know!)

February 12, 1996
Regarding the "reaction papers": Students who are leading discussion of an article need not turn in a reaction paper for that article.

February 9, 1996
In order to insure that we all read the assigned articles and participate in class discussion, I am establishing a new assignment: Students must write brief "reaction" papers for each article. The reaction paper should be up to one page long, and describe your reaction to the article. Your reaction could include discussion of implications not mentioned by the article's authors, or discussion of criticisms, or discussion of possible experiments or models that would help clarify issues in the article, or anything else that indicates a thoughtful reaction to the article. The reaction paper is due at the beginning of class on the day that the article is to be discussed. You will receive a "check" for turning in the reaction paper, and a "check plus" for an exceptionally thoughtful reaction. Not turning in reaction papers will reflect badly in your course grade. This applies to all articles from now on, starting with the Week 6 articles on similarity.

January 5, 1996
The course reader will be available at the IMU Bookstore by Monday, January 8th. The price is $51.20, of which $19 is for copyright fees and $32 is for photocopying. (The copyright fees go to the publishers; none goes to the authors.)

Announcements will be posted here, in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent announcement is listed first.

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