P554 Statistics in Psych, Prof. Kruschke, Syllabus

P554 Statistics in Psychology
Spring 2007, Class Number 13753, Tu & Th 9:30-10:45, PY 109

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Instructor Assistant Assistant
Name: John K. Kruschke Stephen Denton Alfredo Pereira
Office Room: PY 336 PY 243 PY 185A
Office Hours: By appt. Please do ask. M 4-6pm (delayed on Cog Sci Colloq days) M 4-6pm
Phone: 855-3192 855-8694 856-0305
E-mail (@indiana.edu): kruschke sedenton afpereir

Course Description: This course emphasizes analysis of variance (ANOVA) applied to experimental designs. A thorough list of topics can be found on the schedule page (see link above).

Prerequisites: P553 or equivalent.

Required Textbook:

Required Laboratory Sessions: You must attend a weekly lab session. Each lab session will be devoted to (i) discussion of homework, (ii) in-lab project, and/or (iii) in-lab quiz.

Lab session times and rooms:

  • Thursday evenings, 7:00-9:00pm, in room PY A287.
  • Friday mornings, 11:15am-1:15pm, in room PY A287.
    Attend whichever lab session you prefer; but you must attend one every week.


    Assignments: There will be weekly homework assignments that cumulatively count for 50% of your grade. Homework assignments will be posted on the Web. Late homework will be severely penalized: Each day late, up to three days, reduces the total possible by 10%, and after three days no points are possible (unless you have a cogent excuse, in which case you should contact Prof. Kruschke as soon as possible, preferably the same day, by phone or e-mail). There are three reasons for this policy: First, the course moves quickly and the material is largely cumulative, so the late penalty acts as an extra incentive to keep up. Second, the graders should be given all students' papers for a given assignment in one batch to maximize consistency of grading across students. Third, the graders should not be given a flood of late papers at the end of the semester.

    There will be regular in-lab projects and/or quizzes, cumulatively counting 50% of your grade. The quizzes require you to work individually and quickly, unlike the homework assignments. The in-lab projects also require individual work.

    Missed Assignments: If you know in advance that you must miss an assignment due date, please let Prof. Kruschke know ahead of time, and it will usually be possible to make adjustments (i.e., alternative due dates). If you unexpectedly miss an assignment, contact Prof. Kruschke as soon as possible, preferably the same day, via phone or e-mail. Cogent, documented reasons for the absence must be provided if any accommodation is to be made.

    Course Grading Method: Grading is based on your overall percentile relative to the class. As this is a graduate course, grades are typically in the A to B range, and only rarely is a C or less assigned. It is Department policy to give incompletes ("I" grades) only with a valid medical excuse.

    Lecture Notes: Neither lecture notes, nor copies of projector slides, are available. If you must miss a lecture, get notes from a classmate, and then please see Prof. Kruschke or one of the assistants during office hours if you have questions.

    Disclaimer: This syllabus is meant to be suggestive, not absolute. Any and all of the information on this syllabus is subject to change at any time, including exam dates, grading policies, office hours, etc. Changes will be announced in class.