P554 Statistics in Psych, Prof. Kruschke, Schedule

P554 Statistics in Psychology
Spring 2007, Class Number 13753, Tu & Th 9:30-10:45, PY 109

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Schedule Overview

Topics. The schedule below will probably flex as the course progresses; changes will be announced in class. The order of topics will remain the same but the duration allocated to each may change, and some topics may have to be dropped if there is insufficient time.

Homework assignments. Notice that homework is assigned on Tuesdays, and is due the following Tuesday, when another assignment is given. This schedule is designed so that the Thursday/Friday lab sessions can be partially devoted to discussions of the current week's homework. Homework assignments will be linked into the schedule below as they are created.

Lab projects and quizzes. Each week's lab session will have a required in-lab project and/or in-lab quiz. You must attend either the Thursday or Friday lab session every week. Information pertinent to the lab sessions will be linked into the schedule below as it is created.

Exams. There are presently no scheduled in-class exams, but it is possible that need might arise to have some in-class quizzes, which will be announced ahead of time. There will not be a final exam.

Wk. Date Homework
(Ch.# refers to Maxwell & Delaney textbook)
1 Tu 9 Jan - / Asgnd Ch. 3 (pp. 76-98): Single factor (a.k.a. oneway) between subjects designs.
   If you want a review of basic statistics, see:
  • Textbook from P553 (Aron & Aron, 2003) listed on the syllabus for this course.
  • Encyclopedia article by Kruschke.
  • Tutorial 1 on CD included with textbook by Maxwell and Delaney.
  • Intro. to model comparison approach.

    Single factor between subject designs; contrasts.

    Th 11 Jan Lab
    2 Tu 16 Jan Due / Asgnd Ch. 3 (pp. 98-126).
    Th 18 Jan Lab
    3 Tu 23 Jan Due / Asgnd Ch. 4: Constrasts.
    Th 25 Jan Lab
    4 Tu 30 Jan Due / Asgnd Ch. 5: Multiple contrasts.
    Th 1 Feb Lab
    5 Tu 6 Feb Due / Asgnd Ch. 2: Especially overview of designs, pp. 56+.
    Ch. 7 (through p. 283): Two-factor between subject designs.
    Multi-factor between subjects designs.
    Th 8 Feb Lab
    6 Tu 13 Feb Due / Asgnd Ch. 7: Two-factor between subject designs.
    Th 15 Feb Lab
    7 Tu 20 Feb Due / Asgnd Ch. 8: Multi-factor between subjects designs.
    Th 22 Feb Lab
    8 Tu 27 Feb no class (Prof. Kruschke at Air Force Office of Scientific Research conference.) Between subjects designs with covariates or random factors.
    Th 1 Mar Due / Asgnd / Lab Ch. 9: Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).
    9 Tu 6 Mar  
    Th 8 Mar no class (Prof. Kruschke at Society of Experimental Psychologists conference.)
    Spring Break Tu,Th 13,15 Mar no class
    10 Tu 20 Mar Due / Asgnd Ch. 10 (pp. 469-493): Random factors.
    For lab, print out the linked pages and bring them to lab; also bring the power charts from the textbook.
    Th 22 Mar Lab
    11 Tu 27 Mar Due / Asgnd Ch. 11: Univariate single factor within subjects. Within subject designs.
    Th 29 Mar Lab
    12 Tu 3 Apr Due / Asgnd Ch. 12: Univariate multi-factor within subjects.
    Th 5 Apr Lab
    13 Tu 10 Apr Due / Asgnd Ch. 13: Multi-variate single factor within subjects.
    Th 12 Apr Lab
    14 Tu 17 Apr Due / Asgnd Ch. 14: Multi-variate multi-factor within subjects.
    Th 19 Apr Lab
    15 Tu 24 Apr Due / Asgnd(!) Regression tutorial on CD.
    Appendix B.I: Regression and ANOVA.
    Ch. 6: Trend analysis.
    Ch. 1: Logic of inference. Review and Overview.
    Relations of regression and ANOVA.
    Th 26 Apr Lab(!)
    Finals Tu 1 May Due 9:30am No Final Exam.